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Dr Shashidharan Nair CK

Professor Sensors and instrumendation... View Profile

Dr Kannan MD

Professor Thin Film Physics... View Profile

Dr Jeyakodi Moses J

Associate Professor Textile Chemical Application... View Profile

Dr Murugavel SC

Associate Professor Polymer Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Vaideki K

Associate Professor Functional Materials... View Profile

Dr Singaram D

Associate Professor Fuzzy Algebra... View Profile

Dr Sankarakumar S

Assistant Professor English Language Teaching... View Profile

Dr Yasodha Palanisamy

Assistant Professor Completed doctoral degree in the field of low Temp... View Profile

Mr Subramanian SS

Assistant Professor superhydrophobic surface, corrosion... View Profile

Dr Sudarshan Chandran

Assistant Professor Thermoelectric materials, Thin films, Nanomaterial... View Profile

Dr Obulichetty M

Assistant Professor Functional Materials... View Profile

Dr Senthil Kumar A

Assistant Professor composite and ceramics... View Profile

Dr Dhanalakshmi D

Assistant Professor Materials Science Coatings and Films... View Profile

Dr Veeramani C

Assistant Professor Fuzzy Optimization... View Profile

Dr Senthilkumar CK

Assistant Professor Biomedical application... View Profile