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Dr Kandaswamy A

Professor Biomedical Engineering.... View Profile

Dr Vidhyapriya Ranganathan

Professor Biomedical Instrumentation, Pattern Recognition, ... View Profile

Dr Banu Rekha Baskaran

Associate Professor Biomedical Instrumentation, Medical Electronics, A... View Profile

Dr Padmapriya Balakrishnan

Associate Professor Biomedical Image Analysis, ICU and Operation Theat... View Profile

Mrs Gokila Meena Krishnan

Assistant Professor Analog Communication, Analog Electronics, Digital ... View Profile

Dr Brindha Doss

Assistant Professor Biomedical Image Analysis,Biomedical Instrumentati... View Profile

Mrs Subhashini Natarajan

Assistant Professor Molceular and Cellular Mechanics, Biomedical Signa... View Profile

Dr Gopalakrishnan Sengottaiyan

Assistant Professor Biomedical Image analysis, Biomedical Instrumentat... View Profile

Dr Priya Lakshmipathy

Assistant Professor Telemedicine, Advanced Digital Signal Processing, ... View Profile

Mr Umesh Kuttikrishnan

Assistant Professor Biomaterials and Artificial Organs, Molecular and ... View Profile

Mrs Prema Pitchaipillai

Assistant Professor Advanced Digital Signal Processing, Biomedical Ins... View Profile

Dr Sangeetha Sekar Raja

Assistant Professor Diagnostic and Theropeutic Equipments, Biomaterial... View Profile

Mrs Vijayapurani Loganathan

Assistant Professor Analog Electronics, Biomedical Instrumentation, Me... View Profile

Mr Balaji Elumalai

Assistant Professor Biomedical Instrumentation,Improving stabilization... View Profile

Dr Nandhinee Radha Shanmugam

Assistant Professor Biosensors, Biomems and Biosensors, Fundamentals o... View Profile