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Dr Chitra A

Professor Algorithm Design, Compiler Design, Artificial Inte... View Profile

Dr Sankar A

Professor Software Engineering, Data Structures, Discrete Ma... View Profile

Dr Manavalan R

Associate Professor Enterprise computing, Content Network... View Profile

Dr Venkatesan V

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Data Structures, Operating Systems, Software Engin... View Profile

Dr Bhama S

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Database Management systems, Open Source Systems, ... View Profile

Ms Rajeswari N

Assistant Professor Programming language, Object Oriented Programming,... View Profile

Ms Maria Priscilla D

Assistant Professor Programming lanaguage, data structures, web techno... View Profile

Dr Umarani V

Assistant Professor Datamining, Python Programming, C Programming... View Profile

Ms Manoranjitham A

Assistant Professor Data Structures, Principles of Compiler Design... View Profile

Mr Sundar C

Assistant Professor Networks, Optimization, Algorithms and Methods... View Profile

Dr Subathra M

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Machine Learning, Soft Computing, Clo... View Profile

Ms Gayathri K

Assistant Professor Programming language, Data structures, Image proce... View Profile

Ms Aarthi Mai A. S

Assistant Professor Programming language, Object Oriented Programming... View Profile

Dr Ilayaraja N

Assistant Professor Pervasive computing, DBMS, IOT... View Profile

Dr Bhuvaneswari A

Assistant Professor Visual Analytics, Mobile Communications, Machine l... View Profile

Dr Geetha N

Assistant Professor Internet of Things... View Profile

Ms Gowri Thangam J

Assistant Professor Data mining, Data Analytics, Social Networks, Reco... View Profile

Ms Kalyani A

Assistant Professor Principles of Compiler Design, Computer Networks, ... View Profile