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Dr G. Sudha Sadasivam

Professor Big Data Analytics, Privacy preservation in Big Da... View Profile

Dr Venkatesan R

Professor Algorithm Design, Software Engineering... View Profile

Dr Karpagam Manavalan G R

Professor Service Oriented Architecture, Artificial Intellig... View Profile

Dr Arulanand Natarajan

Professor Embedded Systems, IoT, Machine Learning, Image pro... View Profile

Dr Jayashree L S

Professor Internet of Things, Applied soft computing, Machin... View Profile

Dr Lovelyn Rose S

Associate Professor Deep Learning, Image Processing, Natural Language ... View Profile

Dr Santhi Venkatraman

Associate Professor Computer Networks, Internet Of Things, Machine Lea... View Profile

Dr Engels Rajangam

Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processi... View Profile

Dr Marx Rajangam

Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence
Natural Language Proce...
View Profile

Dr Suriya S

Associate Professor Computational Linguistics, Cloud Computing... View Profile

Dr Indumathi D

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Artificial Intelligence,Evolutionary Computing,Inf... View Profile

Dr Kavitha C

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Machine learning,Distributed Systems,Information R... View Profile

Mr Ramesh A C

Assistant Professor Data Analytics, Machine Learning... View Profile

Mrs Vijayalakshmi S

Assistant Professor Cryptography and Network Security, Blockchain, Dat... View Profile

Dr Uma Maheswari J

Assistant Professor Computer Science... View Profile

Dr Gopikarani Natarajan

Assistant Professor Distributed Systems, Machine Learning... View Profile

Dr Sathiyapriya K.

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Evolutionary Computing... View Profile

Ms Anusha T

Assistant Professor Computer Science... View Profile

Dr Saranya K.G

Assistant Professor Data Analytics, Personalized Information Retrieval... View Profile

Ms Swathi J

Assistant Professor Distributed systems,Evolutionary Computing, Theory... View Profile

Ms Aishwarya S

Assistant Professor Software engineering... View Profile

Mr Sampathkumar Palaniswamy

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Machine L... View Profile

Mr Prakash J

Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Project Management, Agile so... View Profile

Ms Vani K

Assistant Professor Machine Learning... View Profile

Mrs Arul Jothi S

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data An... View Profile

Ms Bineeshia J

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Evolutionary Computing... View Profile

Mrs Thirumahal R

Assistant Professor Data Mining,Big Data Analytics, Data Integration... View Profile

Mrs Mano Chitra M

Assistant Professor Distributed systems, Data Structures, Digital logi... View Profile

Ms Swetha N.G

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Web Service Composition... View Profile

Ms Adlene Anusha J

Assistant Professor computer science engineering... View Profile

Ms Bharathi A

Assistant Professor computer science and engineering... View Profile

Ms Christie Sajitha S

Assistant Professor computer science and engineering... View Profile