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Dr Krishnaveni V

Professor and Head Digital Signal / Image Processing, signals and sy... View Profile

Dr Gunavathi K

Professor VLSI Design, Commun Systems... View Profile

Dr Vanathi P. T

Professor VLSI Design, Speech and Signal Processing, Wireles... View Profile

Dr Subha Rani S

Professor Guiding research scholors in the area of wireless ... View Profile

Dr Kalpana P

Professor VLSI Design ... View Profile

Dr Visalakshi P

Professor Research activities in Wireless Communication, Evo... View Profile

Dr Ramesh J

Professor VLSI Design and Testing, Communication systems... View Profile

Dr Manoharan V. K

Professor RF and Microwave engineering... View Profile

Dr Thulasimani L

Faculty Faculty in ECE Guiding Ph.D in the research areas... View Profile

Dr Allin Christe S

Associate Professor Research and consulatancy in Image processing doma... View Profile

Dr SanthanaLakshmi M

Associate Professor Mixed Signal VLSI... View Profile

Dr Rajalakshmi K

Associate Professor Guiding research Scholars in the area of VLSI Sign... View Profile

Dr Srivatsun G

Associate Professor Guiding research Scholars in the area of RF,, Ante... View Profile

Dr Kannammal a

Associate Professor DIgital Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Ramya C

Associate Professor DIgital Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Venkateswari R

Associate Professor Wireless communication, Networking, 5G and IOT, In... View Profile

Dr Saravanan P

Associate Professor VLSI Design... View Profile

Mrs Radharani S

Assistant Professor Applied Electronics, Communication Engineering... View Profile

Dr Hema Chitra S

Assistant Professor VLSI Design, System-on-chip, Digital Electronics,H... View Profile

Dr Umamaheswari G

Assistant Professor Communication Engineering, Wireless Network Secur... View Profile

Dr Anusuya K. V

Assistant Professor Wireless Embedded Systems, WirelessNetworking... View Profile

Dr Sivaraj D

Assistant Professor Embedded Systems, IoT,Digital Signal Processing... View Profile

Mrs Uma A

Assistant Professor Faculty,Research Scholar in VLSI signal processing... View Profile

Dr Alagappan M

Assistant Professor NANOELECTRONICS and EMBEDDED SYSTEM... View Profile

Mrs Prabavathi P

Assistant Professor Faculty,Research Scholar in RF and Microwave Circu... View Profile

Dr Vasanthamani K

Assistant Professor Faculty, Working in the Energy efficient Real Time... View Profile

Mrs Chandradevi K

Assistant Professor Medical Nanotechnology, Drug Delivery System, Mic... View Profile

Mr Radhakrishnan K

Assistant Professor Computer Science... View Profile

Dr Mohandass S

Assistant Professor Wireless Communication and Signal/Image processing... View Profile

Mr Rakeshsharma S

Assistant Professor facultyand research scholar... View Profile

Mrs Sathyashree Sowbarnika

Assistant Professor Digital VLSI... View Profile

Mr Saritakumar N

Assistant Professor Networking (Switching/Routing Protocols)... View Profile

Mr Venkatchalam T

Assistant Professor Signal Processing, Communications... View Profile

Dr Ramya M

Assistant Professor Faculty,Guiding PhD research scholars... View Profile

Mr Sainath S

Assistant Professor Faculty, Research Scholar in Signal Processing... View Profile