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Dr Umamaheswari K

Professor Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence... View Profile

Dr Mahesh V

Professor Biomedical... View Profile

Dr Chandran K. R

Professor Data Mining, Software Testing, Immage Processing ... View Profile

Dr Karthika Renuka Dhanaraj

Associate Professor Soft Computing, Evolutionary Algorithms,Data Minin... View Profile

Dr Vinoth Kumar Balasubramanian

Associate Professor Computational Intelligence and Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Anitha Kumari Kumarasamy

Associate Professor Cryptography and Network Security, ... View Profile

Dr Somasundaram S K

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Medical Imaging and Bioinformatics... View Profile

Dr Sarathambekai S

Assistant Professor Distributed system,Swarm Intelligence, Database, S... View Profile

Dr Ilayaraja V

Assistant Professor Wireless Networks, Wireless LAN, Operating systems... View Profile

Dr Vairam T

Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Network, Internet of Things... View Profile

Dr Rajamohana Subbiah Ponnaiah

Assistant Professor Theory of Computing,Software Engineering,Dataminin... View Profile

Dr Rekha Rajagopal

Assistant Professor Machine learning, image processing, networks... View Profile

Dr Sangeetha B

Assistant Professor Machine learning, image processing, Block chain... View Profile

Dr Senthil Prabha Rajagopal

Assistant Professor Computer Networks,Cyber Physical Systems... View Profile

Ms Thamilselvi KP

Assistant Professor Medical Image Processing... View Profile

Ms Padmashani Rajkumar

Assistant Professor Network Security, Cryprography,... View Profile

Ms Shymala Gowri Selvaganapathy

Assistant Professor Machine learning, Secuity... View Profile

Dr Hemapriya Natarajan

Assistant Professor Web Services, Computational Intelligence... View Profile

Ms Akalya Devi Chakaravarthy

Assistant Professor Data mining, C/C++ Programming... View Profile

Ms Ravitha Rajalakshmi Narayanamurthy

Assistant Professor Medical Image Processing and Pattern Recognition... View Profile

Ms Radhika Engimuri

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing, Software Engineering and Service ... View Profile

Ms Dharani Dhanaraj

Assistant Professor Blockchain for Data Analytics... View Profile

Ms Anusuya R

Assistant Professor Web security... View Profile

Ms Sangeetha S

Assistant Professor Data mining and Machine Learning... View Profile

Ms Jeneessha Pandiraj

Assistant Professor Computer Science... View Profile

Ms Priya S

Assistant Professor Internet of Things and Predicitve Analysis... View Profile

Dr Sivakumar Paulraj

Assistant Professor Medical Image Processing and ML... View Profile