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Dr Balasubramanian Muthusamy

Professor Queueing models... View Profile

Dr Arumuganthan R

Professor Stochastic Models... View Profile

Dr Sridevi Balasundaram

Associate Professor Fuzzy Sets and Systems... View Profile

Dr Porkodi Chinniah

Associate Professor Cryptography and Network Security... View Profile

Dr Sangavai K

Assistant Professor Landscape... View Profile

Dr Vasanthi T

Assistant Professor Stochastic models... View Profile

Dr Haridass M

Assistant Professor Queueing Models... View Profile

Dr Muthulakshmi A

Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Bagyalakshmi Morachan

Assistant Professor Mathematical modeling in heat transfer analysis an... View Profile

Dr Muthukumar P

Assistant Professor Fuzzy Soft set... View Profile

Mr Narayanasamy Jeganathan

Assistant Professor Stochastic differential equations... View Profile

Mrs Bindhu R

Assistant Professor Heat Tranfer... View Profile

Ms Deena R

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Mrs Sumathi Muthukumr

Assistant Professor Epidemic Models... View Profile

Mrs Rajasudha R

Assistant Professor Queueing theory... View Profile

Mrs Sathyakala Ponnusamy

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Subalakshmi Ravikumar

Assistant Professor Differential Equations... View Profile

Mrs Deena Merit C.K

Assistant Professor Area of Research - Stochastic models ... View Profile

Mrs Deepa V

Assistant Professor Queuing Models... View Profile

Dr Radhakrishnan Bheeman

Assistant Professor Control Theory... View Profile

Mrs Ragi Krishnan

Assistant Professor Reliability... View Profile

Mrs Padmalakshmi ST

Assistant Professor Humanities... View Profile

Mrs Tamilselvi G

Assistant Professor Graph theory... View Profile

Mrs Kiruthika D

Assistant Professor Operator theory... View Profile

Mr Saravanan K

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Raja V

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Palraj Jothiappan

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile