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Dr Saravanan S

Professor Machining, Sheet metal forming, Vibration, Fatigue... View Profile

Dr Prakasan K

Professor Product Lifecycle Management, Welding Technology... View Profile

Dr Madhan Mohan G

Professor Machining, Ergonomics... View Profile

Dr Krishnaraj V

Professor Machining, Tool Design, CNC, NTM... View Profile

Dr Devadasan S. R

Professor Industrial Engineering,Lean Manufacturing, Six-sig... View Profile

Dr Gandhinathan R

Professor Production, Engineerng economics, Cost Management,... View Profile

Dr Pratheesh Kumar M R

Associate Professor Micro machining, Metrology... View Profile

Dr Elangovan S

Associate Professor Welding and Metal Forming... View Profile

Dr Leo Kumar S.P

Associate Professor Micromachining, Artificial Intelligence in Manufac... View Profile

Mr Raja V

Assistant Professor Metal Casting, Material Characterisation... View Profile

Mr Pratheesh Kumar S

Assistant Professor Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Rapid Manufactur... View Profile

Mr Naveen Anthuvan R

Assistant Professor Micro machining... View Profile

Mr Muthuram N

Assistant Professor mechanical vibrations... View Profile

Mr Pradeep K

Assistant Professor Virtual Prototyping and Product Development... View Profile

Dr Renjin J Bright

Assistant Professor PSG College of Technology... View Profile

Mr Muralidhar D

Assistant Professor Production and Operations Management, Supply Chain... View Profile

Mr Vigneswaran C

Assistant Professor product design, quality control, Metrology... View Profile

Mr Saravanakumar K

Assistant Professor Welding Technology, Composites... View Profile

Dr Rajesh R

Assistant Professor Design for Manufacture,Product Design... View Profile

Dr Rajamani R

Assistant Professor Liquid Sloshing... View Profile

Mr Hari Chealvan S

Assistant Professor High Speed Machining, Design and Manufacture of Ge... View Profile

Mr Arun Prakash R

Assistant Professor Engineering Design... View Profile

Dr Anand K

Assistant Professor Ultrasonic Welding... View Profile

Dr Pradeep kumar J

Assistant Professor Welding, Operations mangement, Tool Design... View Profile

Dr Jayakrishnan Nampoothiri

Assistant Professor Casting and Solidification, Ultrasonic Melt Treatm... View Profile

Mr Ashok P

Assistant Professor Design for Manufacture,Product Design... View Profile

Mr Dhilip A

Assistant Professor Welding... View Profile

Mr Manobala K.S

Assistant Professor Physical Metallurgy, Casting and Composite Materia... View Profile

Dr Kanappan Somasundara Vinoth

Assistant Professor Material Characterisation, Composites, Finite elem... View Profile

Mr Jagatheeshkumar S

Assistant Professor Additive Manufacturing... View Profile

Mr Mohanraj R

Assistant Professor Incremental Forming... View Profile